Infectious Hope

I would like to go backwards in time a little bit and address the Infectious Hope portion of Week 3 of our challenge. I will be honest, I have been struggling with a good example for Infectious Hope. Not because I do not know how to share Hope with others, but rather because I feel like that is all I do. I am Hope. I spend my days spreading Hope to others, raising their spirits and showing them the silver lining. It is pretty much all I do.

Then it hit me yesterday, as I was driving to work. The perfect example.

Every day, when I get in my car, the first thing I do is roll down the windows and turn up my music. I set the dial to my favourite radio station and I start singing. Really singing. Truly belting it out. I sing at the top of my voice. And I dance too. I bop and weave. I groove to the rhythm. And I sing beautifully.

I rarely know the words, but I am very good at hitting the melody. I have perfect pitch, or damn close to it, and an uncanny ability to mimic a song even when hearing it for the first time. But most importantly, I love to sing. It cheers me up. It distracts me from my worries. And it puts a smile on my face.

It doesn’t matter if I am stuck in stand still traffic. It doesn’t matter if I am stopped at a red light and surrounded by pedestrians. It doesn’t matter if I am whipping down the highway. I am singing and smiling and dancing inside my car.

I am Hope.

It is true I Love to sing. But mostly I know that others Love to hear me sing. And I also know that everyone Loves to see someone beating the odds and having a good time in their car. I don’t sing and dance to be noticed. I sing and dance to bring a smile to another’s face. There is a subtle difference. I do want to be noticed. But not because I think I look cool, or sexy, or intelligent. I want to be noticed because I look Joyful. I want people to see how much Love I possess. All the time. I want to inspire Hope in others. I want to prove to them that someone out there is able to stay positive. I drive a junk heap. It is severely dented and rusted and the Toyota symbol has fallen off… I do not look rich. I do not look attractive. I just look happy.

And do you know what? It works. Every time. All the time. Every day people catch a glimpse of me looking like an idiot in my car and every day they stop and smile. Sometimes cars will even pace me on the highway until I look over to acknowledge them. Then they wave and laugh and drive off. This happens to me regularly.

I am Hope.

Today I came to realize that I possess a unique skill. One which may not be held by many other people. I possess the ability to inspire True Hope in those around me. Because I know that what I say is true. I know that Love is attainable. I know that peace is now. I know that you are good. And I know that we are better off together.

I will do it if you want me to. I will be that guy. I will show you it can be done. Because I am Hope.