“Change” –   it’s not a small word; it’s huge, it’s wide, it’s limitless! Change is never single…..it’s many! When was the last time you tried to change something or someone? There may be many instances when you tried to change the world, but were you successful or are you still trying? Does it ever occur to you that you reach a stage when you feel that the whole world has gone mad? But what if you are the only one who has gone mad? How can you change the whole world by being just YOU?? And why do you think the world needs a change? Can’t it be that your perspective of looking at things is not right? Or maybe you haven’t seen everything you need to see!!!

Your world is limited; you know only that part of your world which gives you something that is worth living. But this world is not just yours; it’s shared by millions of others too. And we all are connected in some or the other way. You can’t say that you do what you want to without caring about others. Because what you do, has to do something with others too. A little change in any one of us, affects the others too. But that doesn’t mean you have to think a lot before taking any step……NO! This simply means that you have to be GOOD…….right or wrong…..doesn’t actually matter. You might be thinking that how can a single person bring the change! That’s a very common excuse to ignore the change. But let me tell you something: “A single person can bring about a change even bigger than he himself ever expected, because when change takes place, it’s not just YOU who’s going to be affected; there are millions!!”

The only thing that’s most difficult in bringing the change is the beginning. Once you know how to begin, then the toughest part is almost over, because you begin alone. Just a good start, then everything goes right automatically, as long as you are strong in your beliefs. It’s like a chain reaction; if the initiation is good, then everything’s going to be good; you just need to be strong till the end. I’ve also decided to bring the change not because I think the world has gone insane; but I think the world is perfectly fine, it’s the perspective of people that’s blurred. People are unknowingly dragged into things that separate them from their own SELF. There needs to be someone or something that can bring to their notice the things which they have not seen or realized in their life yet. People need to be aware of a lot of things that can help keep them close to their SELF, not separated.

Every one of us is capable of bringing the change; a change large enough that it can’t be ignored. But change is never single as I said earlier; when it occurs, it affects many!! It brings many other changes along with it because everything’s related……everything’s connected! So, when you decide to change something or someone, be sure to check for the consequences, because it’s not only about you!

When you begin, you are one, but slowly you’ll find people like you coming to you from nowhere. You may be the leader or the follower, doesn’t matter; what matters is that you’ll be a part of the change, be proud of it! Remember, change is in your hands, you just need to start well, rest all will go in the flow!!!!

©Varun K. Sharma