The Nightmare

Tonight was not a great night at work. I was fine. But the rest of the staff did not seem to be happy. It started with a small mistake here. Then a large mistake there. Add a couple of new staff to blame things on and let the Judgment Games begin.

I do not enjoy watching people gang up on others. I try to keep my mouth shut, I really do, but I just cannot.

We all make mistakes. The new girl made the small one. But the Sous Chef made the big one. It was my table and she forgot to start a chicken until after the appetizers were cleared. Chicken takes a while to cook… so this looks pretty bad. I did the right thing and went to the table and told them I had forgotten to order the chicken. I took full responsibility, even though it was not my fault. I find the table rarely believes you when you blame the kitchen, but is usually impressed when you admit you made a mistake and apologize profusely.

So I covered for the chef. I took the blame. But of course, now we have a wounded ego to deal with. So the anger begins. Now the new girl is a complete pain in the ass. Everything she does is wrong. Everything she says is stupid. A constant stream of criticism emerges. But it was the chef that screwed up…

I can only listen to this for so long…

So I stood at the opposite side of the kitchen and loudly told the bartender, across the room, how I was forced to cover for the chef tonight. “How embarrassing”, I say. And later, when the nastiness doesn’t stop, I proclaim to no one in particular. “I find self important people so funny. Look at me, I’m so important.” And finally, when I can take it no more, I look the chef right in the eyes and say “The amazing thing is, the Nightmare will never end until you wake up.”

We create this ridiculous system. We participate in it. And then we abuse others when we look bad. This world we live in is truly a Nightmare.

Until you wake up.

Then all the anger just seems so crazy. So useless. So divisive. So unnecessary.

I know I should keep my mouth shut. But seriously, wake up.