Gracious Receiving

I am going to be honest with you: I think I am great. I really do. I pretend to be modest, because it seems the right thing to do. But at the end of the day, I generally take compliments even when they are unintended. Sometimes someone will appear to be stuttering or unsure of what to say. I will naturally assume they are about to compliment me, so I often help them out by just complimenting myself for them.

Ok, this may be a bit of an exaggeration. I am not exactly an ego-maniac. But I am very confident. VERY confident in my ability to Love. So much so, that I often forget others are not really all that confident in this area. So I tend to come on a bit strong and make some people a little nervous. But I am Love. I am kind. I am giving. There is nothing to fear.

It is funny, like Lesley, who posted just yesterday about these things, I am also mostly confident in what I can DO. Rather than what I look like… Although that is changing. I have no worries about my abilities. I am a great singer, skilled in math and science, a strong writer and daring revolutionary. But when I look in the mirror, sometimes I am slightly disappointed. But the Universe will provide, assuming you are willing to listen. It has been a few weeks now, but during the week of Receiving, I received a rather startling compliment from a complete stranger. I had to jot it down, since it was so unexpected and so well timed (what with the challenge going on and all). I arrived at the farm after a long day of work. I was still in my work clothes (as a server I wear all black, dress clothing). Ian, the owner of the farm, saw me and shouted out that I was overdressed. I responded that I was just getting ready to change when this beautiful young voice came out of nowhere and said “That’s too bad, you are such a little hotty pants.” When I turned around I saw a young girl, about 20 or so, that I have never seen before, or since. I don’t know where she came from, or who she is. Naturally, I took the compliment in stride, as I am so good at doing and responded with “You should see me in my other clothes.”

Compliments are fun. They make me feel good. That one little compliment from an unknown girl literally made my week. I am still thinking about it. Granted I don’t receive that many compliments from strangers about my appearance. But it never hurts to know that someone out there thinks you are a hotty pants.