Joyful Anticipation

For my post of Joyful Anticipation, I will of course be using the farm. It is official, the garden is looking pretty great. It is a start at least. I haven’t really been updating on it mostly because I haven’t had tons of time, due to the garden and also I keep forgetting to bring my camera…

But, we have lots of fun veggies planted. It is not exactly as originally planned, although nothing ever is. Here is a little photo update. We can expect Strawberries, Radishes, Kale, Snowpeas, Endive, Arugula all in the coming weeks. I am very excited at the prospect of getting all sorts of veggies. The farm has been nothing but hard work so far, but it is all about to pay off.

Inside the greenhouse we have snowpeas. It is getting really hot in there and I have vented it for the next few days to try to bring the heat down.

The Radishes are HUGE! I can’t wait for the bulbs to start forming. They should be ready in a week or two.

The cauliflower is starting to establish itself.

In the box we have Kale.

Outside the greenhouse the banana potatoes are looking really good.

Here we have endive frisee and buttercrunch lettuce.

A row of swiss chard and red oak leaf lettuce.

Some newly planted pepper plants in amongst the orca beans.

Our first harvest, some Kale. Believe it or not, they served our Kale at the restaurant I work at the same day with the Trout dish. Everyone commented on how delicious it was with the whole staff trying a piece.