Just so beautiful is this life of ours,
When we are happy and smiling for hours,
But even these smiles no longer sustain,
When we show something we donot contain.

Today in this material world,
We are bound to frame every single word,
Inspite of showing what’s true and right,
We are bound to fake others’ sight,
That was once in heart’s realities,
Has now become a matter of formalities,
What we once called valuable ‘relations’,
Has now become just unbalanced ‘equations’,
Where everything once was based on Law of Equality,
Now violates every law with the DOUBLE-FACED HUMANITY.

When we want to laugh, we are bound to cry,
We are bound to give up, even if we wish to try,
When we want to love, we are bound to hate,
We are bound to destroy, even if we wish to create,
When we want to help, we are bound to ignore,
We are bound to stop, even if we wish to walk more,
When we want to question, we are bound to keep quiet,
We are bound to leave the pen, even if we wish to write.

But who is separating us from all our desires?
Why can’t we do what we want and bound to be honest liars?
We are bound to be a part of double-faced humanity,
Because we’ve made it our false reality,
The day we’ll realize what we live for,
We’ll know why we are HUMAN for….!!!

©Varun K. Sharma