On The Threshold

We stand on the threshold

Of a Light-filled New Day

Many souls still debate, though:

‘Can I go?’, ‘Should I stay?’


The common Dream we’ve been weaving

Has run its due course

Our illusions no longer

Can be fed, given force


It went a bit far

Our adventure in time

We plumbed the dark depths

And had pleasures sublime


But it’s time to move on now

Get back to our Homes

Rejoin forgotten brethren

And with them galaxies roam!


Let’s make up our minds, folks

And get on with the task

Of releasing our bindings

Removing our masks


As many that can

Need to get the Good Word

Of this time of decisions —

The Call must be heard!


So tell all your friends

Your family, your boss

Our liberation is here!

Well, once we clean out the dross . . . .


Shed your fears, claim your Power!

The Divine Muse does us court

And with love try to help

Those who falter; lend support


No, not all choose to answer

The Call, and that‘s fine

They shall again have a chance

Far away in space/time


Our success is assured

Whether today or in future

But for me it’s RIGHT NOW!

I’m quite done with the horror


Of living a lie

Apart from our Source

My bonds reestablished

I’m strapped in, and on course . . . .


‘Take your protein pills and put your helmet on . . . . .’