In our Universe today, everything must begin with an Idea. It is the starting point for all of reality, as we are able to perceive it. All things in the realm of consciousness must originate with an Idea. Idea is not quite like imagining. When we imagine we take an Idea and expand upon it in fantastical ways. But we must still first have an Idea from which to begin our imaginings. Idea is not exactly thought, either. A thought is a contemplation, a reaction or a response to something presented. For there to be thought there must be elaboration, depth and even style. But what are we giving depth to, what are we elaborating upon? The original thing presented is of course, the Idea. The thought defines the Idea, categorizes it and evaluates it. But the Idea stands primary. It existed before the thought and will exist after. Idea is the spark.

What a vast and spectacular thing is Idea. It is limitless, it has no boundaries, no rules. It comes from inspiration, spans generations and even centuries and is nearly impossible to extinguish. It is born of Hope and Love and movement. It is born of pain and misery and fear. Idea comes to us with a shiver and leaves us in awe. It is the drive that empowers us in our darkest hour, the cherished goal to our greatest success.

I have an Idea. What if Love was simply an Idea? An Idea we are meant to study. To perfect. To analyze. What if Love was simply one of many Ideas presented to us in this Universe? Ideas connected by a theme; Balance. What if Love was simply on of many Ideas that we are meant to investigate in our pursuit of the Balanced Idea? What if Love was something you could master? What would happen if you started to Live in Love? How would your life change? How would the world change, if one person was able to master Love? What if everyone was able to. What could our world look like if everyone understood that Love was simply an Idea, that we are here to master through Balance?

It seems there is only one way to find out.