Chapter 2: Generosity

As promised, I have the first completed Chapter of my new book, The 8 Week Challenge: Daring to Live in Love.

Download the Preview Chapter

It is actually the second chapter in the book, but it is the first chapter of the challenge. Most of you will be familiar with some of the material, as it draws heavily from this blog, but I would really appreciate any feedback you might have on the format, and flow of the essays. The first chapter is 11 pages of .pdf and can be viewed on your computer or even on an e-reader. The goal is to first publish this book as an e-book. I hope you enjoy and please comment!

Download the Preview Chapter

Included in this Chapter are the following essays:

Week 1: Generosity

What is Generosity?
This Week’s Challenge
Overt Generosity with examples
A Privileged Life
Situational Generosity with examples
An Economy of Greed
True Sharing with examples
Living in Generosity

Download the Preview Chapter