Before I start with it, I would like to bring to your notice a few things. Regarding this topic, there may be many strong beliefs that may not resonate with those of mine. I would like to make it clear that I respect every religion and all the religious practices associated with them. If my words seem harsh or intolerable, please be open to comment.

-Varun K. Sharma

Religion, how can you define it? What comes in your mind when you hear this word? Does this instantly tells you that you belong to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism or any other human made category? Have you ever questioned your religion or your religious beliefs or you find it sinful or wrong to do so? Have you ever tried to reason your beliefs in religion or do you blindly follow the texts? The motive behind writing such questions means so disrespect for any religion. I’m not questioning the validity or invalidity of any religion nor am I criticizing the beliefs about different religions created so far. My main concern here is to introduce a new concept of religion which came in my mind after meditation. The idea I’m going to project here should be understood with open mind. This idea is not taken from some internet source or any book of philosophy or religion; it comes directly from the depths of my mind where my conscious SELF resides – awakened and enlightened. There’s no point in agreeing or contradicting to it; it’s just an idea of my mind which I believe to be correct and valid for me.

At some point of your life, most of you might have questioned GOD or to yourself about your existence in this world. There may be times when you were stuck in any serious problem without having any idea about how to get out! You may have tried many things; you may have questioned many people; you may have questioned even yourself that why is this happening! I did that too but fortunately found an excellent medium for answering all my questions that were so long unanswered. I trusted my inner conscious SELF and believed IT to be my guide in everything I do, everything I think of doing. I made meditation as my skill of solving the problems of my own life and of others too. I created my own RELIGION…!!

Religion, according to me, is a set of beliefs that guides you how to live your life happily and peacefully with joy and satisfaction for SELF and others. Anything that tells you the most efficient way of living is RELIGION. I believe that we create our own religion. Each one of us has different set of beliefs for the things we interact with and the things we experience, in this world. These set of beliefs together form belief systems. And these belief systems together form a RELIGION. Since, each one of us has different set of beliefs, this means we all have different belief systems and thus we all have our own unique RELIGION. Let’s take this idea one step further by looking at the beginning, where it all started.

Right from our birth, we are taught by our parents and elders, about the existence of the ultimate energy, GOD. We begin to believe in his existence and thus for us HE actually exists! We even feel HIS presence at times when we need HIM the most. Then, as we grow up, we are taught about our religious texts and religious stories and we are told to believe that everything that our religious texts depict must be followed strictly in order to sustain a happy and satisfied life. No doubt, it’s good to do so and may be beneficial too but if you go a step further with your open mind and try to see the intricate details about the various religions created so far, you’ll find many common facts. Even harder observations may let you finally conclude that all the religions known so far are not separate but ONE. There may be different names and slightly different storylines but all teach and preach the same thing. It may seem as if we all are separated by different boundaries of religious beliefs, but we are actually not! All these religions seem to be converging at a single point – a point I call ONENESS. All the religions ultimately teach us ONENESS. It is my belief that what our religious texts teach us must be believed only when we realize it within ourselves.

What do you think, then, was the need for defining separate religions although they all teach the same thing? Human has always been curious and ignorant at the same time. We know things but in this ‘unreal’ life that we have created so far, we become ignorant. We are aware of everything but we are not awakened. We take everything for granted and live our life with ‘let it be’ attitude. So, in order to show proper path to the ignorant humans, religions were formed. These religions were shaped in such a way that these were linked directly to human lives and their betterment. Since, there were different humans with different belief systems, therefore, different religions were framed so that no contradiction comes from any side and realization comes from within. Religious stories telling us about our GODS and their way of life inspired us and taught us many lessons that would not have been easy if one person taught another person; although many great and highly awakened persons were born who devoted their lives spreading the message of ONENESS. So, religion was created as a tool or an aid to help the ones who are lost in the ‘fake realities’ of this world. Even today, if a person seems to be distracted or deviated from the normal cycle of life, then it is religion that sparkles light in his dark closed eyes and shows him way. If you ask a spiritual person about religion, you will hear him saying that he does not believe in separation of religions but he believes all of them to be ONE. A person, who is spiritually awakened and enlightened, believes in ONE religion only – a religion that he creates himself from his own belief systems and not from the religious texts and stories. The various religious texts and stories inspire us, guide us, teach us and make us learn the things we knew already but never noticed before. Exactly same happens when we are awakened and when we make our own religion.

Now the question comes, why is there a need to define your own religion although religions already exist, why not follow them instead? The reason why we should rely on our self-created religion lies in the fact that the religion that we frame ourselves is formed by relating together our own belief systems, which are more reliable with lesser contradictions and lesser self-conflicts. But how to judge whether our belief systems are valid or invalid? Well, in order to check the validity of your belief systems, you don’t have to search anywhere. In my view, if you do something that you truly believe is right, it’s perfectly right! Because being right or wrong is perspective dependent. If something that you do seems right to your perspective, then it is absolutely right! Belief is the key to open all the doors of your conscious and to allow the light of knowledge enlighten you!

So, here I conclude that religion is anything that teaches you the way to live efficiently; and if you frame your own beliefs by going deep inside you, rather than searching outside in the texts and stories, then you create your own religion. And in such religion, you’ll have no doubts, no questions, no contradictions…….just answers. Just take a deep insight of yourself and with positive vision, bring out your beliefs from your absolute world to your real world…..I’m sure you’ll find the answers!!!

©Varun K. Sharma