A musing

Do all things with love.

Og Mandino

…… which sounds so simple. But I think that most of us, most of the time, are not doing all the things that we do, with love. I think we, the collective We, make things much more complicated that simple love would have them be. And I think usually the things we do are aimed at fulfilling personal desires for security, power, enrichment, status. I think — & this saddens me, momentarily — that we, the collective We, don’t know how to “do” with love. We clutter most of our behavior with many other motives. For much of my own life, this has been true.

But, I am willing to imagine that it does not need to continue being this way. And, yes, I will actively search for examples to disprove my theory — after all, how do I know what motivations most of us actually have?!? Really, I want to be wrong about this. I want to believe that people do what they do, with Love as the most important part of their calculations. This is the world I wish to live in. In my imagination, that world is very different from the world as it currently manifests.

What would we, the collective We, look like, if we did all things with love?? Hmmm, I’d like your thoughts on this. Here are a few of mine ……

~~~Rather than keeping all earned results for oneself, Generosity could be more prevalent: Businesses, agriculture, industry would give away more of their products & services. Maybe for every 100 doohickeys sold, 2 would be donated. For every ton of grain sold, 1/10th would be given. For every dozen paid-for haircuts, 1 is free.

~~~Love, as both part of the process, & part of the goal, could re-shape the world of public service. People might go into politics because of love for their country, state, community, sure. But could they approve misleading, deceptive ads? Would they sabotage, set out to ruin, or assassinate each other?! Perhaps the term of service would include being supported by the constituents, but not include any actual money (salary), only the necessities: the service is closer to volunteering. And maybe every citizen is required to serve a term of public service at some level, in some capacity.

Ay yi yi! Already, as I muse upon this, I can feel the rule-making creeping in: how else to make sure it all happens evenly, & fairly? This brings me right up against a concept known in economics as the Tragedy of the Commons—>> For example, in land owned & used communally, some people take advantage, which begins to ruin it for everybody else. Unless there is vigilant & energetic local oversight. I imagine that rule making, rule keeping, with the equitable input of everyone involved, takes a lot of work. I wrote briefly about his before, ‘the commons’ being an idea that I believe can reshape & enrich the world. But my personal experience of living among any communal resources is limited. What do you know? What have you experienced? Sharing your insights with me, & other readers is very very welcome, as this is an on-going conversation I want to be part of.

Do all things with love.

The way we “do” is mostly informed by our unexamined consciousness, I think. But I believe we can change our consciousness, & I know that I’ve changed over the years, changed what I do & don’t do, based on “love”, & I suspect this is true of many others also. For myself: I’m no longer willing to take only the best of the produce at the store. I clean up after myself in public bathrooms. I can no longer rationalize any cheating of corporations. I vote, when I used to harangue others about its essential uselessness. I’ve learned compassion practices, which force me to look at the nature of my own mind, before judging the minds of others. I try hard to understand the motivations behind the choices other people make, & I usually can adjust my thinking when I know them. There are many kinds of work I just cannot do, because of the destructive impact they have of others. And, and ……… I am sure there are many other ways in which I can do what I do, with more love. I want to learn them.

What are your thoughts?? I really want to know! In the meantime,

Do all things with love.

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