The things you see from the unshut door,
The voices you hear of the cracking floor,
The lines you steal in the bright daylight,
The masks you wear in the limelight,
The time when the day ends at 4,
Less is more…!

When living in lies makes you sad,
And snatching the bites hits you bad,
On the lane of loneliness when you walk,
In the absent tone when you talk,
On the way to your answers when you find no door,
Less is more…!

When light begins to fade away,
And time makes your actions sway,
And in the lust for freedom, when you exhale,
Losing all you strength, when you turn pale,
When hope just touches the floor,
Less is more…!

The wings of freedom lie still on the floor,
The words of wisdom are not used anymore,
The source of light is just scattered away,
The far-sighted vision is just captured away,
The inspiration today remains in a box,
The brush of an artist hardy talks,
Even in this era of highest degree of ignore,
Less is more….!

©Varun K. Sharma