An idea makes us,
An idea breaks us,
An idea builds worlds,
An idea creates words,
An idea born from nothing,
An idea consciously becomes something,
An idea creates our reality,
An idea is filled with insanity,
An idea, so senseless and vague,
An idea, spreading like plague,
An idea infects the mind,
An idea, one of its kind,
An idea, so fresh and clear,
An idea away from expression of fear,
An idea that keeps haunting in our dreams,
An idea taking us to impossible realms,
An idea waving like a bee around its hive,
An idea that makes us feel alive.

Every thought that comes in mind, becomes an idea,
Every word that not even rhymed, becomes an idea,
Every expression never expressed so true, becomes an idea,
Every belief with you, becomes an idea,
Of all the knowledge we have, starts with an idea,
Even the faith in GOD, starts from an idea,
Every story of success, starts with an idea,
All the destruction and mess, starts with an idea,
Everything left for us, that’s yet to be seen,
An idea it will be, it is and it always had been.

Whether you live in grief or die in fear,
It’s all about an idea, an idea that’s always HERE.

©Varun K. Sharma