Let’s tweet!!

Hello, my fellow contributors!


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There’s not currently being much activity on Daring to Live in Love! lately — we’re all busy, I know, & we have our own blogs to keep up with.  I know my efforts have been lagging — not just on this blog, but in most areas of my whole life!! I will make more of an effort from now on. Afterall, Autumn & Winter are great times of the year to look inside ourselves, since there are fewer outdoor activities, & more time indoors. Introspection is a natural activity in these seasons, & I know we all have important/interesting/relevant/silly/engaging/funny/provocative/insightful/wise things to say:)

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Here’s something that will help drive more traffic to this blog, & then to our own, as well  —>> posting our stuff to Twitter! ~~~ Did you know that Alternate Economy has a Twitter account?? Yes, indeed, with 220 followers — @AltEconomy~~~ ((If you didn’t know this, it is my fault — I don’t know why I haven’t made this more well known to y’all. And I hereby offer mea culpa, mea culpa.)) If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, go to www.twitter.com& look around — there are bazillions of tweeters, in every field, on every possible subject. — Hey! set up your own account, follow some others & tweet away! I’d love it if you’d follow me, @MindMindful.

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Now, there are 2 ways to get your posts to this blog to also be automatically tweeted:

#1 — Dashboard > Settings (lower left corner) > Sharing — add @AltEconomy ((& wordpress, in its fabulousness, has made it possible to add multiple accounts, so add me too if you want — @MindMindful))


#2 — Dashboard > New post > Publicize (upper right corner) — this puts you on the same page as above.

Once you’ve changed your Sharing settings, everything you post to Daring to Live in Love! will instantly be tweeted to all the Twitter accounts you’ve added — too cool, eh!!

So, my darlings, I hope this is of interest & sparks some inspiration:) I look forward to all you have to say…………….. Ciao, Shala, of www.MindMindful.wordpress.com