Through this post, I want to share my views about some thoughts that came into my mind when I stopped noticing activities on this blog. The purpose, however, is not to criticize anyone, nor it is to make any personal comments on someone’s writing or blogging skills. If, in expressing my mind, I say something that doesn’t seem good to you, I apologize for that! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Today, in this double-faced world, words have very significant role to play. From the day in our history, when we learned to use language as a tool to express our feelings, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and criticisms, to NOW, we have been learning to master this tool. Still, sometimes, there are instances when we are out of words! But that doesn’t mean we are losing the grip of knowledge or we are diverting from our path. This simply means that we have said ENOUGH, now it’s time to find meanings for what we said. It’s obvious that when we speak or write, we fully understand the meaning of our statements; only then we express ourselves, isn’t it? But when words end, what does it signify? When words end, what do you do? no_wordsDo you stop expressing ourselves? No. That can never happen. You can’t live without expressing yourselves. In my own personal experience, when I’m out of words, that means I’m pondering on what I’ve said earlier………once again! What’s the purpose? The words change their incline of meaning every time you read them. Unless you get the same meaning every time you read a statement, you are not really getting it! So, WHEN WORDS END, MEANINGS BEGIN. When you are out of words, that means you are pondering on something, said or unsaid.

This time, PRESENT, is the time of awakening. We all are experiencing changes – both internal and external. It’s time to think upon your said words – what they REALLY mean. You said those words with some purpose of course, but NOW, it’s time to find the CONNECTION between all those SAID statements of yours! It’s time for NO WORDS but TRUE MEANINGS.not-all-words It’s time to search for answers; answers so long hidden in the tricky incline of words. Uncover the opaqueness of those tricky words, make them transparent and look through it. You’ll find ONE SINGLE TRUTH that connects to every SAID word of yours and magically everything you said starts making SENSE. It’s time to CHANGE your perspective towards PERCEPTION. How you perceive things around you needs a fresh beginning, a process of re-wiring, re-thinking, re-shaping and re-defining. Don’t be worried by these heavy words I speak of, they all point towards a single belief – “Ending of words doesn’t mean you are falling, it means you are preparing yourself for the change.”

My intuition tells me that something BIG is going to happen soon. A SHIFT in our perception and everything connected to it. A SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS, to be more precise. People are voluntarily entering into a journey WITHIN themselves. People are becoming more curious in knowing about WHO THEY REALLY ARE!! Words are now scattering, falling apart; they no longer hold the meanings they did earlier. NOW, people are finding courage in challenging even the most unaltered aspects of their life, like religion, lifestyle, career and education. The curiosity to CHANGE is emerging from WITHIN and it’s a good sign for a new CIVILIZATION to land its first steps on the AWAKENED EARTH.

Whether you post something on this blog or not, there’s always some CHANGE going on in the background. Sometimes, we have to believe what we can’t see! small-words-big-meaning1This post was just to remind my fellow authors and bloggers not to worry about going out of words because of lack of time or some other reasons. Because I believe, whether words come out or not, there is always some CHANGE taking place in every part of the universe. Words don’t change anything, they are lifeless; it’s their MEANING that makes them alive. You don’t have to find new words every time; just pick the old ones, change your intention, re-order them, and there you are, with a new MEANING – a new CREATION of yours!

Happy blogging to all my fellow authors and bloggers! You all are the CHANGE – MAKERS. Words don’t define YOU, MEANINGS do!

©Varun K. Sharma