Far away in the horizon,
Lies a world not too unreal,
The air of which is saturated,
With the molecules of love,
And the clouds of dust,
Are dispersed with hope,
That rains the drops of joy,
Soaking in the ground of beliefs,
Giving life to half seeds,
That show their bald heads,
To the million hopeless eyes,
Inspiring them to grow up,
Towards and towards the endless sky,
With the ‘ordinary’ sap of nature,
And the ‘familiar’ sound of wind,
Nothing new nothing new,
Everything known but unaware,
Breeze of knowledge in every breath,
Essence of life in every death,
Where life never ends,
Adventurous, infinite, without any bends.

Far away in the horizon,
Lies a city of immense possibilities,
Unlimited ideas, unstoppable mind,
Evolved, secure, happy, kind,
Surpassed ego, extended love,
Far away in the horizon,
Lies a land of peaceful dove.

© Varun K. Sharma