8 tips for navigating today’s wild and woolly energies (audio inspiration 6:14)

EXCELLENT tips for these NOW times, yes!!! I followed them my self to arrive at what is described in the last paragraph. en-JOY!!! But most of all, just DO IT……!!

words divinely wrought

Gustavo-Ortiz-Self-Portrait-No-50Nothing changes like change! These eight tips first appeared here in August 2008, then again in May 2010. Timeless — just like your indomitable spirit.

Feeling a certain sense of urgency, a quickening coupled with a tremulous entry into a new dimensional framework? Or does it seem as though you’re all dressed up with no place to go quite yet? Think: Have you asked for new beginnings, prayed for expanded opportunities to serve, invited clearing and release of all manner of limitation, lack and scarcity?

No need to strive for a response: your answers aren’t really all that important. Wherever you are, here are eight handy tips for embracing today’s unsettled energies with a  modicum of ease, grace, and humor.

Maintain your highest frequency of energy and thought. If that means pulling back from negative, depressive, pessimistic, stuck, or energetically toxic people, so be it. If that means calling or…

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