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Week 7: GRATITUDE #2 — In spite of myself


Been having trouble with this one — though ordinarily, I practice gratitude with verve, vim, verily with VIGOR!! I’m just so tired of being grateful for things that I don’t really want. And,… Continue reading

We be Lotus, follow up


I got a very interesting, evocative response to my post, “Week 2: Compassion, Forgiveness Dialogue — We be Lotus”   http://wp.me/p21f5h-ta (on Alternate Economy), http://wp.me/p1zocx-1lD (on MindMindful). I was writing about the use of… Continue reading

Week 2: Inward Compassion, a work in progress


This is a re-post of something I wrote a short while ago, but it speaks very well to Tristan’s idea of Inward Compassion: We are who we are because of what we have… Continue reading