A Discussion

The Alternate Economy is a discussion, before anything else.  I have presented a lot of material as if it were the absolute Truth.  I do not imagine myself to be infinitely wise or knowledgable.  I have an idea.  It is a huge idea and it will take many people to perfect it.

That is why I call upon you, my readers, to initiate the discussion.  I have developed a decent following for this blog and I have posted over 30 posts.  I would ask that you begin to comment on these posts with some of your own ideas about these topics.  I want to hear your ideas.  I am willing to adapt my idea and incorporate new ideas that make it stronger.  I am not pretending to have all of the answers.

If you would like to become even more involved in the discussion, my webpage features a forum area that is a little under-used.  My website is new, only since October of 2011.  There are currently 6 members of my forum, but 28 followers to this blog.  If you would like to create topics of your own related to this discussion, please sign up to my forum.  Joining the forum does not require you to become a member of the Alternate Economy.  It will allow you to engage in this discussion more freely.


Please, whatever you decide to do, know that I am making these posts in order to stimulate a discussion.  I want to hear your reaction to my posts!