Love is Easy

I keep saying that there exists one truth on this planet, and if we can come to understand that one truth we will be able to create a Utopia quite easily.

Love is a journey
Photo by: Oshinn Reid

The Truth that I keep speaking of is that the Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions. Please note that whenever I write this sentence I always capitalize the key words. These words represent essential thoughts in our Universe that we must explore in order to gain knowledge.

But what does this mean? The Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions? If we balance our emotions we are able to see that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s. Even as you read this list you know that it is true. Love is all of those things and nothing more.

But even when I read this list, there is one element that causes me to hesitate. Sure love is good and love is beautiful. That much is obvious. Love is given freely and love is everyone’s should be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to say it out loud once in a while. Love is coming… this one will seem accurate to the optimists in the crowd, but maybe not the pessimists. Love is easy. Now this is the tough one. Even for the optimists, there is very little evidence that this particular statement is true. I would say that the last two are related and the reason love does not seem to be easy, is because we are not so great at receiving love. Love is coming seems like a nice thing, but how many of us truly believe it to be true? If love is not coming, then it will never be easy.

So, how do I know deep down in my soul that love is actually easy, when my entire life’s experiences have shown me the opposite?

Love is easy; life is hard. There is a subtle distinction between these two thoughts. I believe the reason love appears to be hard in our current society is because life is hard. We currently live in a cycle of abuse 6,000 years old. Our entire written history contains stories of slavery, murder, rape, deceipt, war and revenge. 6,000 years later love appears to be incredibly hard. But is love itself hard? Or are the people engaging in love hard?

I would say that it is the cycle of abuse that we have been born into that makes love hard. We are literally told from birth by our parents, friends, lovers, news outlets, popular music, movies and every other form of communication in our lives that love is hard. People lie, cheat and are selfish. No matter what they tell you even if they themselves believe it to be true, they are deceiving you, for in reality it is only themselves that they are thinking about. Is this true? It seems to be. People lie, cheat and act very selfishly. Most of the time. In my life, it happens pretty much every time I extend my love to someone. So why does this happen, if love is so easy?

Imagine now that you are having one idea reinforced in your mind since birth. This idea is that all people are selfish. You can only rely on yourself in this life, or else you will end up suffering. This is the story most of us are familiar with. In fact most of us have told others this advice and felt we were helping them to avoid further suffering in the future.


By hearing this story, over and over and over and over we do not become wise and learn about true human nature. We become jaded and distrustful of everyone around us. We become selfish. If everyone else is only looking out for themselves, then that is what we will do. Now, it only takes one example of someone else acting selfishly towards us and we will be justified to never trust in humanity ever again. We were warned not to trust, and it was confirmed. But they were also warned the same thing. Maybe they are a bit older, or received their confirmation of this warning earlier in life. Either way, they are selfish for the same reason you are. Because they expect everyone else to be selfish.

Love is easy. It is. Humans are trustworthy. We are. I am. Ask around. I have broken peoples trust in the past. But I have appologized and made efforts to avoid breaking it in the future. Assuming that person will allow me to make up for my mistake. If I make a mistake and my loved one sees this as justification to stop trusting me forever, then I will lose that person. And I will suffer. And love will seem so hard. Even though I am the one who made the mistake, I am not the only one. Now the lover rejecting me is making a mistake. They do not believe I am sincere when I say I want to change. But I am sincere. How can I prove this if I am not given another chance?

Love is hard because we are always pulling away from it at the slightest provocation. It doesn’t take much these days to push someone away. We are so senstive, because we have been hurt so many times in the past. But it is all from the cycle of abuse that started 6,000 years ago. IT IS NO ONES FAULT! Seriously. No one currently alive is to blame for this mess. This isn’t Hitler’s fault, or Stalin’s. This isn’t George. W’s fault or Obama’s. This isn’t your fault or mine.

The reason love is hard is because we all act in a way to make it hard. If we all just stopped.

Just stop.

Really stop. And remember that whatever situation is presenting itself to you that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s. If you can do this, every single time something happens in your life, then love will be easy. It is easy. What is hard about it? You just have to love…

Since I have started doing this; remembering that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s, I have seen huge changes in my life. Not really in the amount of love I receive. The others in my life who are wounded are still wounded and still refuse to allow me into their lives. The changes are the ones I feel within me. I feel like I am love. I feel like I am creating love in those around me. A different group of “those”. I am using love to create and inspire. All I have done is write down my thoughts and then take the time to visit other peoples blogs. Nothing more. And the response to this blog has been tremendous. In the past couple of days I have not really posted anything or visited any new blogs. Yet my membership still grows while I sleep. I am at 275 followers since I decided that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s; only 2 and a half weeks ago.

Love is easy.

If you are willing to be patient and to understand that those who reject you do not do so because love is hard. They do so because they are wounded from the cycle of abuse and you have given them cause to retreat in fear. It usually only takes one or two excuses before they pack their bags. I wonder, do you do the same? Do you wait for the excuse and then run out the door, swearing and screaming? Do you distrust your loved ones? Do you push them to get a rise out of them? Do you ask questions you know that you don’t want to hear the answer to? Do you keep secrets from them? Do you look at others with lust? Do you make mistakes? Do you think your lover is any different than you?

Love is easy. Life is hard.

If we can move past the cycle of abuse that is life and begin to live in a cycle that perpetuates love, it will be so easy. I am doing it alone, and it is pretty easy. I would love to see what 250,000 people living together and living in love and remembering that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s could do!