Cut your hair and win free books!

This contest was apparently inspired by the Living in Love Award, although I won’t take much credit. What a wonderful way to promote Generosity. Giving money is one thing, but giving of your self is another. I would love to see every blog post a similar challenge! The more Living in Love Challenges the better!

Below See Level

Okay, so it sounds a little weird. However, it isn’t. Today is my catch-up day. I am catching up on all of my writing and life in general all while E! News plays in the background. All of a sudden the preview to Claudia Schiffer’s newest commercial for Guess pops up on the screen and I remember how badly I want to cut my hair. I used to rock a Rihanna inspired haircut. Fast forward two years and my hair is midway down my back.

To top it all off I have convinced myself that,

1. It is bad luck to cut your hair while pregnant and

2. I will donate my long, luscious hair to Locks of Love

But of course, I simply cannot leave it at this. I must make this event BIGGER! How? Here’s how!!


It isn’t really a contest because everyone is a…

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