HOPE – Revisited

In a world wracked with fear, in a life full of suffering, in a time that knows only war, how can we possibly find hope? Where does it exist? With so many failures and so few supporters, how can we keep that tiny flicker of hope aflame? As I see the responses to this week’s challenge emerge I have come to realize that maybe we need a little more Hope this week, to get us started.

Fear. Everywhere fear. Fear of death. Fear of losing our property. Fear of unemployment. Fear of our secrets emerging. Fear of rejection. My personal favourite. The fear that we are somehow different than everyone else. That we just don’t fit in. That we are alone in a world of madness and chaos. The fear that nobody wants us around. That nobody understands. That nobody cares.

Who does not suffer this fear? The fear of walking up to a stranger and saying to them, “I get a really good energy off of you, would you like to grab a coffee? My treat?” Why is that so terrifying? All we really want is to have more Love in our life. So why can’t we ever seem to muster the courage to go out and find it?

Today I went out for lunch at Moxie’s, a chain restaurant in the area. I was with my grandfather and we had a nice chat and took some time to catch up. While there I couldn’t help but notice that our waitress was very attractive. I also couldn’t help but notice that she was only really talking to me and she was making very good eye contact with lots of smiles. Granted I was with a man 50 years older than her, but she definitely was showing me a lot more attention.

“So, how long have you worked here?”

That’s it. That’s all I had to say. I wanted to. She would have answered me. She would have chatted with me. She might even have agreed to coffee later. But I was with my grandfather. Hardly the time to talk to a stranger…

Why? Why not talk to her? Because of my grandfather? Sure, nice try. Because of fear. Fear that my grandfather would be embarrassed, which is silly. Fear that she would be uninterested, which is sillier. And fear that she might actually say yes… you heard me. Fear that I would have to introduce her to someone I do not always trust. Tristan.

I am so tired of fear. It hurts my soul. It brings me down. It makes my food taste bitter and my mood even worse. I would rather live in Hope. I would rather live in Love.

But how? What to do?

This week, as part of my Challenge to Live in Hope, I will be taking my show on the road. I am going to go back to Moxie’s with a pen and a pad of paper. I am going to ask for a table for one and order some lunch and write a post for my blog. And I am going to initiate a conversation with my waitress and find out her name.

Wish me luck!