The 8 Week Challenge

The 8 Week Challenge: Balancing Your Emotions to Live in Love

If you follow this blog and have read our essay series “A Quest for Truth” (highly recommended!), then you are familiar with the concept of Living in Love. By living with a sense of Awareness we are able to incorporate Balance into our lives by harnessing our Emotions to allow us to perpetuate Love. It is a beautiful goal, but what exactly does it mean, this Living in Love stuff? How does a person Balance their Emotions? How can we take the ideas put forth in an organized yet philosophical series of essays, and apply them to our daily lives?

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Alternate Economy is proud to present to you the 8 Week Challenge. This challenge isn’t about being philosophical, or following inquisitive theories to their logical conclusions, it’s about life, and living it in the most Loving way possible. The challenges won’t be that difficult, in fact, they’ll be downright easy.

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So your next question must be “How do I get involved” and more importantly, “How do I win?”

For the following 8 weeks we will be posting one challenge per week, designed to help you to incorporate Living in Love into your daily routine. To join, all you have to do is send us an email with your name (and a link to your blog if you have one). If you have a blog, write a post at the end of every week detailing your experiences with the challenge. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. Simply send us an email with your stories, and we’ll post them on this blog for you. As for winning, everyone is a winner. Everyone who completes the challenge and writes about it will receive a prize.

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For everyone who participates in ALL 8 weeks of the challenge. You must submit one 500 word (approx.) essay detailing how you incorporated the challenge into your weekly routine for each of the 8 weeks of the challenge. Upon completion you will receive:

1) The permission to post this Badge on your website, or blog.

2) A custom created Biography, written by Tristan Nagler with Photos edited by Lesley Cook-Pelletier. Lesley and I will sit down with you and create a fully illustrated story about your transformation to a Life in Love. It will feature any links you wish and will be hosted on this blog for all to see. You can also host it on any other website as well.

That’s it! I hope you’ll all join us in this 8 Week Challenge.

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Week 1 – Generosity
Week 2 – Compassion
Week 3 – Hope
Week 4 – Passion
Week 5 – Receiving
Week 6 – Joy
Week 7 – Gratitude
Week 8 – Love Communication

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